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We are not integrators or resellers. We design our solutions such that our clients receive the most appropriate solution to mitigate their risks.


Begins with a threat/vulnerability assessment designed to identify specific threats, the critical functions, operations, or facilities that need to be protected.


We understand the most recent industry developments in technology, design concepts, legislation, strategy, and government policy.


Our approach leads to focused solutions that can be validated and justified by our cost evaluations and the development of a business case.

Approach & Methodology

Financial & Cost Benefit Analysis

Good Harbor Techmark (GHT) has extensive experience in providing physical security, hazard, threat and risk assessments, design, engineering, construction administration and commissioning, and emergency preparedness services for the protection of critical assets and organizational resiliency.


GHT’s approach and methodology draws on the extensive expertise of its staff and international best practices and standards, combined with simultaneously undertaking an all hazards and knowledge transfer by working alongside our clients to promote continuity and self-sustainability after project closure.


GHT is a vendor-neutral organization and not a systems integrator, installer, or product representative.  We are committed to recommending the most cost effective tools and solutions for security designs and risk mitigation.  Our developed solutions are what is best for our clients, the design team and trade disciplines; in particular, electrical, IT, door hardware, HVAC, fire and life safety.  We know what works for physical security and countermeasures and what does not work.  Unlike others, we do not sell equipment or installation work nor do we receive fees to products we recommend or specify.

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